Ms Facilities Management

MS Facilities

In partnership with the international company ENGIE, Manser Saxon Facilities has been supplying Facilities Management Services in Mauritius since 2007, with over 150 employees including qualified technicians.

Energy Efficiency Programme

Through active Energy Management via simple low-cost activities, our onsite teams can achieve savings on our customers’ energy bills.

In response to growing demands for reductions in carbon emissions and the  need  to  cut  energy  costs,  Manser  Saxon  Facilities has developed the Energy Matters programme to help companies achieve their carbon targets and become more energy efficient.

Our “Energy Matters” programme aims to:

  • Permanently cut your energy demand and costs z Source clean and/or onsite energy alternatives z Measure and benchmark your carbon footprint z Renew your asset infrastructure
  • Conform to government policies
  • Achieve your corporate responsibility goals